What happens in case of a mishap?




  • Bhavesh Praveen

    My account has been temporarily suspended. I've been trying to reach out to you but no response. Kindly respond

  • ch. devi

    One rapido driver is harassing me on messages,he is asking me to do s...x with him. I complained on your rapid app.. and I mailed with his screen shots,but no response,what should I have to do now.. is this is your safety n secure responsibilities


    I'm booked a rapido,Captain call me and dnayed his duty.
    I told him so you cancel my booking, He use slang language to me.
    Car Number is WB20AK7132
    Name - Saheb Dhar

  • Tina Porwal

    Actually my rapido driver's phone fell down during the ride and his whole display was gone.so he couldn't end the ride as his display was broken . So what should I do forward

  • sushmita ahmed

    Rapido driver stole mobile. From kolkata. Dated 18/5/19. Rapido no=4918

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