What is the payment structure? How will I get paid?




  • Jay Ganesh H

    Hi This is Ganesh 

    Reg phone number:- 7026542090

    Team Leader name:- Chandru 

    Team leader number :- 

    I registers as a Rapido Caption on 25/12/2017 i was told that payments will be released every Friday. when on last Friday   5/1/2018 My Team leader told payment will be credited by Saturday afternoon. When i visited your office on Saturday evening he told payment has been held due to some error. After waiting for 1hour 12 min one guy told payment held because i have done fake rides. 

    My question for him was how did u recognised that i have done fake rides. he was not having answer in return he was asking me non reverent questions like how i will get rides where i will get rides. Finally he confirmed that due to following reason they may have recognised as fake rides. 

    1. Same customer booking multiple times, 2. From same phone multiple rides booked,3. From same location multiple rides booked or 4.I must have intentionally booked fake rides for my self which i have not done. 

    Even after discussing all this he told final answer that Internet is not working he cannot fetch details from system (Common answer from every support team) 

    Now what should i do.......????????????????

    Hope some one will take this issue seriously and help me to resolve this issue. 


    Now so many thoughts in my mind like  this Rapido company is really existing, will they pay every caption, Is this is their technique of making money etc etc etc................



  • Sayed Shamim Akhter Zaman

    Hi Rapido Team,

    I have registered as Captain a month ago and happy to be a part of Rapido also I like riding around the city. I am surprised about the Captain-Support-Team(Bangalore) as they doesn't respond to calls neither they reply on hangout.

    I have been informed payment days are Thursday and Friday. However, I didn't get my payments of (Rs.1000 approx) for 14-01-2018 and 15-01-2018 and today is 20-01-2018. I have tried calling 20-25 times however nobody received my calls. I received a message stating I can chat over hangout even there nobody responded. I am not sure if Captain-Support-Team is not efficient enough to deal with issues or their challenge is technology.

    I am wondering after reading the above message shared by Rapido Captain (Ganesh) what if Rapido do the same with my hard earned money. I guess it would be very easy for Rapido to assume and give reasons and hold our hard earned money. However, Rapido should understand the money they hold by just assuming or giving reasons would matter for the riders who have earned the same by riding day and night.

    I am not sure if anybody is gonna read my message however my moto was to highlight the ignorance and irresponsibility of so called Captain-Support-Team,Bangalore.

  • Pavan Kumar HV

    what is ready money in rapido

  • Ravindra Banait

    What are the join people say above , so I am get worried before I join you. Please tell me that, can I get my hard work cash from you or not.because i am need of some job.i think this is better job for me.but do clear about payment.i am very grateful to you.

  • Kannan Padmanabhan

    I hope it's cheating and fake company I installed app long back even downloaded all t require documents, it's all went on vain . I several times called rapid no response, thanks God I have not yet joined otherwise they would have cheated me nicely

  • Mobile App User

    I have not given my bank account details , how can I get my salary

  • Mobile App User

    I have not given my bank account details , how can I get my salary

  • Chandu M.N

    How to work on Sundays
    Can we accept rides and the wallet payment please help me out.


    my wallet money  i cant redeem please

  • sadashiva

    plz change the slab structure

    and get the food delivery order


  • Sunil mourya

    Please call me I want to join... 6283325254

  • Ganesh Sharma

    Mera name Ganesh sharma Jaipur se repido captain 2month se hu meri koi smsya Ko solutions nhi ho rha h plz help me my number 9680634661

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